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BTORD chapter 27
WARNING! This is a story were Ben and Rook are Dating! Ben and Rook like to KISS each other on the lips! Ben and Rook are both Males!
Ben 10 (C) Man of Action Team
Ben as Ben: “Hi, I’m Ben 10.”
Ben in Alien Form: “Hi, I’m Ben 10.”
Khyber’s whistle = “...”
Chapter 27
Ben listen intently to his captor, from Malware working with someone named Psychobos, to their failed test drive with Phil, his grandfather’s old Plumbing partner, from when he was 11 and had to use a more primal creature, Khyber’s dog, to operate the Nemetrix. This type of planning was new to him, mostly because this was a five year plan made specifically to fight against him.
Yeah it was official, Malware was in a whole new level of I-Hate-Ben fan club and the need to escape just rose.
“Dude, if you’re so great,” Ben spoke in a mocking tone making the huntsman turn to him, “then how come it took you five years to catch
:iconkra-zgirl:Kra-ZGirl 12 7
Man's Best Friend
I do not own Ben 10
Ben sat on a bench that was under a shaded tree, enjoying a nice day at the park as he was eating his lunch. He had the day off today and with the weather being so nice, it would be wrong not to eat outside. His partner, Rook, would sooner or later arrive to join him, but Ben wasn’t alone.
The teen looked to his side to see Lucifer, the family dog and Ben’s longest companion, happily sleep on the soft grass. He smiled at the canine as he reached down to gently pet his best friend on the head. The German Shepherd gave a quiet groaned bark at the touch, more then likely dreaming about something that Ben would never know.
The teen continued to smile was he sat normally as he looked over Lucifer. The average life span of a German Shepherd is usually 10-13 years, Lucifer was well over 13 years and it showed. While his coat was still healthy, it certainly didn’t have that youthful shine from when Ben was ten. White and grey fur plagued the dog
:iconkra-zgirl:Kra-ZGirl 2 0
Omniverse Romance Season One Ch3 1/2: Hit the Road
This is a story were Ben and Rook are DATING!!!! Dating as in they are in a romantic relationship! Ben and Rook will KISS EACH OTHER! I can not be more clear then that.
Ben 10 (c) Man of Action team
Ben as Ben: “Hi, I’m Ben 10.”
Ben in Alien form: “Hi, I’m Ben 10.”
                                        Hit the Road
“Really?... Another week? Why?... Ah... I hope the negotiations for passage goes well... Yes... Thank you.”
Rook was in the Plumber break room talking on an intergalactic phone, Ben hadn’t showed up to headquarters yet so he thought he would make a quick call to find out the status of his shipping order. On his first mission with Ben a week ago, a small group of aliens came and ate his truck! It was beyond recognizable when he found it afterwards that day and only new what happened to it because of a bystander chas
:iconkra-zgirl:Kra-ZGirl 9 6
Rook, are you ok? by Kra-ZGirl Rook, are you ok? :iconkra-zgirl:Kra-ZGirl 13 17
A Ghost Story for Two
This is a story were Ben and Rook are dating, meaning they like to Kiss each other. If you do not like please do not read.
I do not own Ben 10.
A Ghost Story for Two
“Why,” exasperated Ben as he collapsed on the living room couch, “why did it have to be today?”
He and Rook had the day off together in a long while and they couldn’t wait to have fun and enjoy the day by having a long awaited date at the swimming hole... that is until Bellwood’s sky decided today was a good day to rain.
“Why does the universe hate me, Rook,” the Teen asked, his words muffled from talking into a pillow.
Rook couldn’t help but smile at his boyfriend’s actions as he crawled on the couch, laying on top of Ben’s back to bring him into an embrace while he nuzzled Ben affectionately.
“Now Ben,” the Revonnahgander said happily amused, “you know that I do not need to be at a special location just to enjoy your company. All I need i
:iconkra-zgirl:Kra-ZGirl 8 4
Oh.. my. by Kra-ZGirl Oh.. my. :iconkra-zgirl:Kra-ZGirl 81 70 SHIRTLESS ROOK IS CANNON!!!!!!!!!!!! by Kra-ZGirl SHIRTLESS ROOK IS CANNON!!!!!!!!!!!! :iconkra-zgirl:Kra-ZGirl 87 116 Chibi Ichi by Kra-ZGirl Chibi Ichi :iconkra-zgirl:Kra-ZGirl 2 0
BTORD chapter 26
Warning! Ben and Rook are gay for each other! go somewhere els if you don't like it. sorry i'm mad right know
Ben was hanging around, literally, as he observed the room he was in. The floors and walls of the ship were decorated with various aliens, many of which he was familiar with, in the forms of hunting trophies. And the young fighter knew he would be next in line if he didn’t stall for time, and that thought alone set him on edge just a tad.
He looked around the room once more, seeing the terrestrial dog gnawing on a bone happily enjoying the marrow that it worked for. While Khyber, his captor, was sharpening a gnarly looking hunting knife on a strange rock that was more then likely meant for this type of work.
“Interesting set up you have here. Khyber was it?” Ben asked not minding if he was wrong or not. “You must’ve traveled all over the galaxy to get all this. I bet you even made friends doing this.”
Khyber said nothing as he continued to fi
:iconkra-zgirl:Kra-ZGirl 8 6
God's Not Dead.
:iconkra-zgirl:Kra-ZGirl 1 3
BTORD chapter 25
[This is a Ben and Rook romance. A boy and boy romance. Don’t like don’t read.]
[Also IMPORTANT NOTE! Every time Khyber blows his silent whistle in the story, it will be represented like this ---> ‘... ...’]
A few blocks over in from Ben and Rooks location, being well hidden, was Max and James as they watched them live on a mini hand-held holographic projector.
So what now,” asked Ben.
As I said before, spend time apart. Or at least for the day, it may be beneficial to us. Will you be alright with out a communicator?
I’m Ben 10,” Ben said as he gave a smirk, “I can handle anything.
“Oh thank goodness,” James said as he let out a breath making his body relax, “I actually thought Rook was going to break up with him.”
“The way those two act around each other, never,” Max said with his trademark smile to James. “At least the outc
:iconkra-zgirl:Kra-ZGirl 8 3
BTORD chapter 24
Rook was in surprised shock as he watched Ben leave the room abruptly. He wasn’t sure to be angry that Ben blatantly used his suggestion to claim it as his own, or to be hurt that he would run off before he could explain why he did what he did. And for the longest moment he stood where he was looking at the doorway that Ben went through.
Max’s concerned voice snapped Rook out of his buzzed mind as the Revonnahgander looked to the veteran Plumber. Words weren’t needed from Max to ask Rook questions because he could see it from the elder’s face. Slight confusion and concern for Ben’s welfare and knowing that the teen had just did something very stupid without meaning to was all over Max’s face as the man looked to Rook for any hints, conformation, or answers of what had just happened.
Rook gave a slight saddened look to him, unsure of what to say at first. He wanted to tell Max of what Ben did but at the same time he didn’t. B
:iconkra-zgirl:Kra-ZGirl 5 7
BTORD Chapter 23
This is a male and male only romance story with Ben tennyson and Rook Blonko. if you don't like don't read
Ben hasn’t been showing it but he has been in a sour mood all morning. He isn’t angry or anything he’s just been on edged and stressed from the mystery bad guy, and he was hoping to have a chance to let off some steam at the mall. And of course that didn’t turn out too well.
On the ride to work, Ben was just wanted to have a peaceful moment and just not think but his boyfriend thought it would be best to discuss of what they just learned. That being the creature is a dog that has the abilities or technology to transform into alien predators and that there is someone who is indeed pulling the strings.
‘Great,’ Ben thought sarcastically, ‘can’t wait to see what I’ll dream tonight.’
Yes, the day barley started and his mind was so over worked from stress and worry he was starting to get a small stomachache. But he knew of one
:iconkra-zgirl:Kra-ZGirl 6 3
BTORD Chapter 22
This is a Ben and Rook romance story. if you don't like don't read.
Usually driving to Ben’s house was calm and relaxing for Rook whenever he journeyed to pick up his energetic green-eyed lover. It was something he always looked forward to whenever it’s work or for whatever they have planned together. But today he was more… lost in thought… lightly flustered… maybe both as he drove down the street.
Last night when he was brushing his teeth getting ready for bed, something clicked in Rook’s brain and saw quick fuzzy images in his mind. Which was nothing new to Rook, he tends to forget his dreams most the time and sometimes remembers them at the end of the day when he is most clamed and relaxed getting ready for bed, such as now. And even then it’s still hard to remember them sometimes, but there was one image that did stick out to him that threatened to turn his blue fur red.
Ben was blushing shyly next to him while wearing a sand-yellow slee
:iconkra-zgirl:Kra-ZGirl 6 3
Leave him be! by Kra-ZGirl Leave him be! :iconkra-zgirl:Kra-ZGirl 5 15
BTORD Chapter 21
Ben ran down one of the many streets of Bellwood as fast as he could go while the full moon’s light guided his way. His chest was burning from the lack of oxygen as well as his legs while the young man was also sweating profusely creating noticeable damp spots on his clothing. Ben didn’t know how long he had been running but he did know it has been a very long time since he ran this hard. He also knew that if he stopped he would risk the chance of being caught and it wouldn’t end well.
So he continued to run as he ducked into an alleyway weaving through random obstacles and purposely knocking down anything behind him in hopes of slowing down his attackers, hoping also that he would not run into a dead-end.
Unfortunately that is what he found when he rounded a corner, but luck was still on his side. A rusted ladder was leaning against the 10-foot wall and Ben used it to his advantage to scale the wall and knocking the ladder off when he reached the top.
He immediately
:iconkra-zgirl:Kra-ZGirl 5 6

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Vampire Hunt Chap 2
Title: Vampire Hunt
Paring: Vampire!GrimmxDrouge!Ichigo
Rating: M for blood, there will be alot and smut xD(also language xDD)
Disclamer: I do not own CoVT or Bleach
A/N: Valintines day aww :3 Ichi made Grimm chocolate let's see if he acsepts it :3
Febuarry 14th, Valintines day. Today I suck it up and give Grimmjow the chocolate I made him. It's milk chocolate so I'm sure he'll like it. On it I drew a cat it looks adorable! God I sound like a girl...... Anyways; Kon, Shiro and I walked out in our usual school rutin. Orihime came up and Kon wrapped his arm around his girlfriend giving her a box. She opened it and smiled. It was a neckless. Huh. Weird. Shiro didn't budge or say a thing. Just kept walking with me. Kon and Orihime went on. I didn't get those two. Kon's been such a pervert but I guess a decent boyfriend. I sighed and Shiro looked at me.
"Yah seriously made that guy chocolate... Ichi he's freak!"
"He is not
:iconkakashi-soma:Kakashi-Soma 12 21
Ichi's Smile Mission: 39 by minsra Ichi's Smile Mission: 39 :iconminsra:minsra 66 58 Ichi's Smile Mission: 38 by minsra Ichi's Smile Mission: 38 :iconminsra:minsra 72 19
Vampire Hunt-Chap 1
Title: Vampire Hunt
Paring: Vampire!GrimmxDrouge!Ichigo
Rating: M for blood, there will be alot and smut xD(also language xDD)
Disclamer: I do not own CoVT or Bleach
A/N: A cross over idea I came up with :3 Fans who like Bleach or Chronicals of Valdinir Tod will like this. If you like both please enjoy :D
Grimm's POV
I sat in the classroom looking around. Fuck I can't believe this. I'm a vampire sitting here covered in sunblock(head to toe) and I'm just here waiting for class to end. Lunch was next and I'm abit excited. Not that I'll show it but there was a delicious berry before me. Kurosaki Ichigo. Fuck that boy's blood was so good smelling I could just bite him right  there. But NO his over protective twin brothers Kon and Ogihci sat on both sides of him. Kon on the left and Ogihci on the right. Curse them and their blood type. God all three were A. Fucking A. Thats my favorite type of blood. Yes I fee
:iconkakashi-soma:Kakashi-Soma 14 18
German shepherd Diesel by Mysterious-D German shepherd Diesel :iconmysterious-d:Mysterious-D 107 15 Help... by Tatsu87 Help... :icontatsu87:Tatsu87 21 26 BH 132 - 'A ninja is fine too. by tysonhesse BH 132 - 'A ninja is fine too. :icontysonhesse:tysonhesse 715 89




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Like i said before the moving out of my mother's home is successful. :D Of course Life won't make it too easy for me because the place got infested with bed bugs. -_-
Yes bed bugs are real for those who didn't know and they are not fun. Hopefully me and my boyfriend can get them eradicated soon.


The hiatus is still on but at the same time its not on. All the things I was using to write my fan fic was in storage until recently, so I hadn't had a chance to look at it recently. But this is still a story I want to continue. :) 

(stuff i'm currently dealing with)
deciding on if/when going back to collage
Bed bugs
getting enough rest for work
tonight's dinner

For some reason this journal was submitted to a group. So since this Journal is about my story, I'll just leave a link of my story here. but Please take note. Omniverse Romance is a FanFic story of Ben 10 Omniverse. It is a story of were Ben and Rook Blonko date each other. Ben is a boy and Rook is a boy. Rook is also an Alien. So this is two males Dating each other and one of them is from space. You Do Not Have To Read This Story If You Do Not Like Two People Of The Same Gender/Sex Are Kissing Each Other. If you Read it and don't like it You may go somewhere else and read different story that is more to your liking.
With out further ado to new open minded readers please enjoy Omniverse Romance Season One Chapter1: Change and leave comments/tips on how I can improve. :D


fear my Kra-Zness
United States
OK I like 2 use pens and pencils 4 my work.
Um...I started drawing some time in middle school.
I'm allergic 2 cats. I hate spiders! All Spiders Should Die!!!
I love dogs, and baby deers. *there so cute*:heart:
I can use a camera.
And 4 my futuer carrier, I wish too work in the field of digital animation.

Current Residence: any place i want
deviantWEAR sizing preference: o.o
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Favourite genre of music: any thing that is not dealing with cussing, rap, and miss use of sex
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Favourite cartoon character: zuko from avitar
Personal Quote: i am kra-z hear me rowr


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